Saturday, July 14, 2007
Ceremony (3:00 pm)
St. Pius X Catholic Church
Reception (5:30 pm)
Windsor Park

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Best Wishes, tomorrow is the big day, see you then.

Amy Kostka, 07/13/07

Great web site, especially the map! Looking forward to celebrating your big day! Love,

Rosie, 07/09/07

Matt and Amanda, Eric informed us of your happy announcement. Mr. Laake and I have seen you grow as individuals into fine young adults. We wish you continued happiness together for many, many more years.

Mr. and Mrs. Laake, 08/17/05

Awww my first cousin to get married! I am so happy for y'all, Congratulations! I love you both and I can't wait for the wedding!!!

Steph, 08/14/05

Heya! Long time no talk! I heard about you guys from Kim. Congrats! =) This website is so cute!

Ali Kozlowski, 08/14/05

Congratulation,Amanda and Matt, Enjoyed your Photos and your Story. Have a life of happiness!!

Jeanine Wideman, 08/13/05

Sorry for the second post. I just read the story. Matt, you're a stud. It must be all that Italian blood. Amanda, he is a very blessed man. The story of the proposal in particular is heartfelt. (I dug mine up for this one) Take care.

Eric Laake, 08/11/05

Congrats. Kinda makes me think of the Princess Bride. I am extremely happy for both of you. I am sure your wedding will be one which I will always remember. God Bless.

Eric Laake, 08/11/05

Congrats! You are two of my oldest and dearest friends, I love you both and I wish you a lifetime of happiness to come.

Lauren Phegley, 08/10/05

Love your website!

Mom Bean, 08/10/05

Congrats, you guys :) I don't think anybody doubted this was coming since you guys got together. Hooray for it being time :) 'To everything, there is a season". I love you guys, and wish a bright & happy future for you both!

KimmyK, 08/10/05

Yay, wedding! :-D Congratulations... that's so exciting. I'm so happy for you guys. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow, Amanda!
And nice website, of course. So cute... I'm just eating it up over here.

Fallon, 08/10/05

Congraulations you two! You could always see that there was something special from the moment you two were together. You're going to be very happy together!

Steve C., 08/10/05

Lauren shared with me your good news. How sweet, Matt. You two are very special. Our very good wishes for you both.

Kathy W., 08/10/05

Congrats! You two were made for each other, there's no doubt about it.

Chris, 08/09/05

Congratulations guys... you two make a great couple. We need to have a drink to celebrate :)

Dan, 08/09/05


-kevin, 08/09/05

Congratulations you two!!

Lauren, 08/09/05